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Neon Green EcoKatch

Neon Green EcoKatch

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Effortlessly Catch And Dispose of Hair Without Contact.

✅ Guarantee to Fit Standard Bathtubs with 1.5”-1.75” Drain.

✅ Never Use Harmful Chemicals That End Up Damaging Pipes and the Environment.

✅ Hidden Hair While Taking a Shower.

 High-Quality Silicone Material.

 30-day Money Back Guarantee.


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Customer Reviews

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Love it!

So in the past I have tried 2 other products before from amazon. This is by far the best one. Finally I have a product that catches hair before it goes down the drain and clogs it. 1 of them I had was a white color and showed bad mold on it which was disgusting. I also really like the fact that I don't have to touch the hair and I can seperate it by releasing the clasp.

Great quality product!

Buy with confidence.

Catch It or Clog It!

EcoKatch's Revolutionary Straining Technique Catches any Type of Hair: Long, Curly, Short, and Even Pet Hair.

Catch Valuables

Don't Need to Worry About any Valuables Falling Into the Drain

Designed to Last Lifetime

With 100% high quality patented unibody design will last forever

Easy Functionality

Minimum Water Ristriction

EcoKatch will out perform any hair catchers in the market today